You are joyfully welcome to be part of fulfilling the mandate of CAC Mikoas Prayer Ministry a.k.a. Christ Apostolic Church, The Author of Life Ministry.

The Author of Life Ministry is a ministry ordained by Lord and certify by the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel to the world, equipping the Saints for the end-time revivals and edifying the saved for the Rapture and Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Irrespective of your nation, church, denomination or ministry, you are highly welcome to be part of the global ministry of prayer and the word focus in win souls to the Kingdom of Christ.

This ministry is for all that love Jesus Christ and have passion for saving souls from bondage of sins to the freedom that purchased by the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • MIKOAS PRAYER MINISTRY was established in order to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute, and defend the rights of the poor and needy – Proverbs 31:8-9.
  • Established to set the captivity free from the bondage of sins through the fervent prayers – 2 Chronicles 7:14
  • To humble the oppressors under the presence of God His creator through the power of prayer – Acts 16:25-31
  • To glorify the name of God and elevate His Sovereignty through the power of prayer at anywhere of time – Acts 16:25-26
  • To teach and preach undiluted word of God and back it up with power of prayer.
  • To know and understand the truth and the purpose of prayer as written in the Scriptures – the word of God
  • It was Instituted because the Bible teaches us to pray without ceasing – 1 Thessalonians 5:17. “Never stop praying”.
  • Established to assist everyone that needs of prayer, and this can be achieve by submit prayer requests and members pray offer it.
  • We are commissioned, ordained and sent to show and leads humanity to Christ in order to inherit the Kingdom of God through the teaching word of God and power of prayer – Matthew 28:18-19.
  • It is GOD WILL for HIS children to get answers to their PRAYERS at any given time.


“To evangelize the sinners for Christ, equipping the saints for the ministry, and edifying the saved for the Rapture and Second Coming of Jesus Christ”

Evangelize the Sinners through:
Preaching the Gospel
Crusades & Revivals
Writing Articles, Tracts
Publishing Books, Magazines, Journals, etc.

Equipping the Saints through:
√ Bible Studies
√ Bible School
√ Conferences
√ Seminars
√ Coaching
√ Writings
√ Counseling

Edifying the Saved through:
√ Worship Centre, Camp
√ Daily Messages
√ Daily Prayer Bombs
√ Publish of Books, Magazines

Accomplish through these Channels:

  1. Go where they are – Matthew 28:18-20
  2. Internet
    √ Social Medias: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.
    √ Blogs, Websites
    √ Emails
    √ Phoning: WhatsApp, etc.
  3. Churches and Organizations
    √ Telecasts:
    √ T.V
    √ Radio
    √ Newspaper
    √ Magazines
    √ Journals, etc.



Pastor Olu Mike Omoasegun

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